not sure what skincare to use


Finding the right skin care routine is a very common topic we get asked about in our SAKARÉ stores and on our online community (@sakarecosmetics). There are so many options available and so many approaches on how to take care of your skin, wether it is your hands, feet, body, face or eyes it all needs to be treated due to numerous factor. It can be the weather- too hot, to dry, to cold or too much humidity. Another factor is our lifestyle- spending time in polluted environments, working with your hands, stress (physically and mentally) and what we choose to eat and drink. All these have a great impact on how our skin looks like.

In this 4 piece article we will be addressing this topic from the skincare point of view, starting with the basics and the most easy areas to treat- your hands and feet. 😀

When we meet our customers in our SAKARÉ stores we are told that using cream on its own on hands and feet regularly doesn't seem to do the job anymore, specially with our new way of life due to Covid-19... yep you got it right sanitising and a lot of hand washing. It almost feels as if there is almost no point in moisturising our hand anymore as the skin gets so dry and creams do not absorb.

But here at SAKARÉ we have you sorted out!
Just use the SAKARÉ Deep Cleansing Salt Scrub on your hands and feet once to no more than twice a week to shed off the layer of dead skin that makes our skin look doll and dry, followed by the SAKARÉ Hydrating Hand Cream which provides the skin with nourishing Vitamin E and retain moisture even to the driest hands, and the SAKARÉ Calming Foot Cream, rich in botanical remedies such as relaxing calendula  to pamper those tired feet and restore to your extremities the soft and velvety feeling they so deserve. After all they play a very important role in our day to day life. So they aught to be taken care of.

Note: For those who would like to use a scrub regularly- see our SAKARÉ Rejuvenating Shower Gel Scrub.
It is a daily Shower gel that contains finer sea salt particles that serve as an exfoliating product but not as corse as the SAKARÉ Deep Cleansing Salt Scrub.