SAKARÉ is all about looking and feeling your best. An exclusive journey to beautiful skin. We invest in research and development to create scientifically proven infusions of the most powerful ingredients that nature has to offer. Our boutique stores are located throughout Europe, with our flagship store located on London's New Bond Street


 The SAKARÉ Collections


Our Body Care range, offers an indulgent skin experience in the comfort of your home. Combining minerals, oils and other nourishing ingredients to convert any bathroom into a voyage of beauty, filled with pampering delights

Our Skincare - Carefully selected and balanced plant derivatives, minerals and sea algae to repair, revive andrejuvenate tired and damaged skin, restoring your youthful lustre. Our products can be used separately as individual supplements to an existing routine or you can create your own full routine, selecting from our variety of creams, serums and masks alongside our exquisite basic cleansing and toning products

Our Premium skincare - SAKARÉ collaborates with innovative skincare labs around the world, and has created two Premium lines: An exclusive range of anti-ageing with prompt results: BOTANOX- powerful botanical formulas, infused with the building blocks your skin needs to maintain a firm and plumped look

Alongside our 24K GOLD range - a skin reviving set that unites the powerful remedies of the ancient world with today's cutting edge technology using one of the world's most precious elements for its healing properties to restore radiance and clarity

Join us on a luxurious journey to looking and feeling your best