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For all skin types 50 ml

From our state of the art, premium age-defying line of skincare formulated with the highest percentage of active ingredients, this luxurious cream is powered with our groundbreaking BOTANOX formula incorporating Peptides and Collagen to deliver immediate moisture but also regenerate the skin over time.

This luxurious formula sinks straight into the skin to instantly nourish and even out skin tone. Rich in Nibi, an eco-certified Native American floral extract known for its regenerative and soothing properties, this indulgent Cream is also rich in Sweet Almond and Jojoba oils and has boosted levels of Vitamin C and E for further anti-oxidant protection.

The Benefits

  • Luxurious formula greatly improves moisture retention
  • Skintone is evened out
  • Soothing and regenerative Nibi, an eco-certified Native American floral extract makes it a good choice after sun exposure
  • High levels of anti-oxidant protection

How to Apply

Apply daily in circular motions either on to cleansed skin or after your serum. For the ultimate anti-ageing experience use in conjunction with BOTANOX Mask and BOTANOX Serum.

  • £300.00